I’m a busy person with a full life. As much as I want to say yes to everything, I’ve been learning how to say no to more things. I can’t do it all, so I need to focus on the projects that keep me excited.

If you want to hire me for a project, have questions, want to send feedback, or reach out to me for something else, you can email me here: randy at eightdeuce dot com.

I will try to respond to everybody, but please understand I’m just one person and I’ll get back to you when I can. Let’s not waste each other’s time, so make sure I’m the right person for your project. If I say no, it’s nothing personal. And not every email warrants a response. Either way, I appreciate you thinking of me, ending up on this page, and reading my words.

When it comes to a creative person saying no, here are a few links from other people that say similar things, and probably say it better than me:

Again, I welcome new work that aligns with me, but I also have so many personal projects and creative ideas that I need to complete within this lifetime. Sometimes it’s hard to find all the time to do everything, so we have to sacrifice some things. I need money just like everyone else, we all have bills. So I’m in that middle ground of taking on enough work that brings in enough income, but also saying no to most things to leave me enough time for my most important work, my work. Time is our most valuable resource, and we can never buy more of it. Choose wisely.