(Inspired by Derek Sivers. Read more here.)

Updated January 23, 2024, from my home in Ohio.

What I’m doing now…

Super busy doing several different types of work. Work for myself, work for other people, and work for companies. Making money, and trying to make a lot more. The debt has piled up again, and I’m focused on removing it this year. A giant task, but I miss the freedom of being debt-free. Debt stresses me out. I don’t recommend it to most people.

Watching movies, listening to music, reading books, and always consuming YouTube videos. Been listening to more podcasts lately too. Sometimes I feel like I consume too much, and I create too little. I’ve been known to be too tough on myself. Of course I want to make more things this year, but I don’t want to completely shut out all the amazing creators in this world. I love seeing what other makers make, and even when it feels like I’m procrastinating while I’m consuming, I know it’s part of my process.

Trying to create more things. As I said before, I want to make more. I’ve been writing more, and I’ve actually been publishing things publicly (like on this website). I want to get out of my head and finally get around to making videos and sharing them on YouTube. I want to get back to recording podcast episodes. I want to create more online courses. I want to create more tshirts and stickers and other merch. I want to build more websites. I want to shoot more photos, edit more photos, and print my photos. I want to share more of my work on social media. I’m a lifelong perfectionist, and I’m trying to let go of that mindset. I just need to hit record and hit publish. Starting is the hardest part. Once you start the race, nothing else matters. You just have to take the first step down that path. Don’t worry about what others think. And actually, they will either support you, or they won’t even be paying attention. So you’re good. The haters are rare, and they don’t know your full story anyway. Do it for yourself, but also do it for the people that need your thoughts, your stories, your knowledge, and your message. You never know who’s watching or listening, or how one piece of content could change a life. Maybe theirs. Maybe yours. Maybe both.

Not doing the best job at the moment, but I want to get better sleep, eat less food, and move my body more. Smaller meals, get to bed earlier, and get back to running. And longer walks, and bike rides, and the gym. I’ve been vegan for just over seven years now, and I’ve been sober for more than five years. Two things I thought would be impossible for me. So if I can do those two things, I know I can do the others. At age 41, prioritizing health is important. At any age really, but the older we get, we can’t let these things slide.

Minimalism. Sure, I still buy things, but I’m doing it less and less. Mainly to save money, but also because I know I don’t really need anything. Of course the projects I work on and the things I’m into require things, or tools, or hardware, or gear, or whatever. You can’t play the drums without a drum kit. You can take photos without a camera, which requires lenses and batteries and tripods and lights and more. I’m never planning to become the guy that owns nine things and lives in a cardboard box. But I definitely want to get rid of everything that’s weighing me down. The things I don’t need anymore, and the things that are getting in the way. (A couple RVs in the driveway come to mind.) I’ve been selling a few things here and there, but I need to ramp up my efforts. I also need to cut my losses sometimes. I even need to give things away for free, or donate some things, or throw some things away. Living a life of excess isn’t helping me get to where I want to be. It’s time to tap back into my past minimalist self.