I’ve been shooting photos for a long time.

One of my first jobs was at a camera shop in the digital department. I used to edit photos and create custom photo gifts.

I used to take a few disposable cameras on my vacations. Then I upgraded to a point and shoot. And then I entered the world of DSLR… and I was never the same after that.

These days I still shoot with a DSLR, but I also have a mirrorless camera, as well as the default camera almost everyone has with them 24/7… the iPhone.

Most of my photography work has been for my own projects. And also just because I love shooting photos, I take tons of photos just because I like taking photos, even if nobody ever sees them.

And of course I’ve printed some of my photos before and sold those. I’ve been hired to shoot photos for couples, families, birthday parties, and various personal things like that.

I’ve taken photos for some of the companies that I’ve worked with or for over the years.

But I want to do a lot more with my photography.

I want to publish way more of it publicly. And I want to get in the habit of printing more of my photos too.

I want to create photo books, or coffee table books.
I want to create large format prints for people to hang on their walls.
I want to make weird abstract art that could be used in a variety of ways.

I just want more of my photography to be out in the wild.