I love video. But I’ve mostly stayed away from shooting videos of myself on camera. And if I am on camera, I usually don’t post those online.

I’m not sure why.
Some weird fear I guess.
A dumb story I told myself, and believed for far too long.

But I love watching YouTube videos and getting to know all these different video creators from around the world.
I love using video gear, and researching new and unique items to assist in video production.
I love how video (along with audio) shares way more than audio or text and photos alone can do.

I’ve slowly been getting over my fears, and I am getting closer to going all in on video.
I’m so close.
It’s funny, I’ve been doing a lot of video calls for work recently. And I was afraid to do those too. But I’ve been forcing myself to be on camera, and it’s not so bad!
I even feel like my confidence is increasing just by doing short little videos.

On my birthday in 2021, I decided to try and get over this fear. So I made a short little video each day, most of them on my phone. But I was on camera in all of them. 365 videos.

Throughout that challenge, I learned that I really don’t mind being on video, that was just a dumb story I told myself. I think the fear is more with making a video public and worrying about what people think.

But at the end of the day, who cares.
It’s just me talking to a camera. And 99% of the time it’s gonna be me in my studio, alone. Just me and a camera. Nobody around, nobody to judge, nobody to worry about.
Then I edit it on my computer, and publish it on YouTube, and then shut the computer down, and walk away.
Why would anyone be afraid of that?
Seems silly just typing this out.

And even if I decided to do live-streaming, or even public speaking, who cares.

I just want to create videos, about things I’m into, and post them for the world to see.
And if anyone vibes with them, maybe it will help them or add value in some way.
And if nobody watches them (which is pretty typical for most people in the beginning), I would still want to make them.
Even if I made zero dollars, I would still want to make videos.

I love movies, especially documentaries. I love video podcasts. I love tutorials. I love short films. I love audio, and I especially love music. I love creativity, camera gear, camera accessories, computers, editing, writing, lighting, and everything that goes into making moving pictures.

As much as I love video, I have almost nothing to show for it… nothing to prove to anyone that I care at all about video.
So, I have to spend more time on it, and release it to the world, no matter what I create.
It’s ok if they are bad in the beginning, everyone sucks at new things in the beginning.
If I’m willing to create 100 bad videos, then I have nothing to fear.