More info can be found on my web design business website:

I created my first website forever ago, pre-2000, and I didn’t even have a computer to build it on.

Then I grew up and went to art school.

After I graduated I had some full-time jobs doing website-related things.

Then I went out on my own and had some freelance clients. I still have some of them today.

I even got a freelance gig at an agency to keep doing more website work.

It’s probably one of the main things I’m known for these days.

I build websites.

Some are simple like this one. Some are complicated e-commerce sites. Some are for small one-person brands. Some are for huge corporations.

I’m mostly a front-end developer that works in WordPress, but I’m also skilled at Squarespace and Shopify. I know a lot of CSS and HTML, but I’m not a hardcore backend developer that spends a lot of time in PHP or Java or anything super code heavy.

I’ve worked in a lot of different hosting environments, and I’ve bought countless domain names.

I have built a lot of sites for myself beyond what I’ve done for clients.

If you are interested in a completely new website, or your current site needs a redesign, or maybe your site just needs some simple tweaks, I’m your guy. Let me know how I can help.