Just One Post Per Week

When it comes to blogging, a common pace to publishing publicly is once per week. It’s not a rule, it’s not mandatory. Mainly because you don’t need to write at all. Nobody needs to create any form of art. Actually, nobody needs to do anything… except breathe oxygen, eat food, drink water, and move your body occasionally. Those are the minimum requirements, and I guess you can stop doing those things too if you want, and then you won’t have to make any decisions at all because you won’t last long without air and food. And of course some people are being forced to do things against their will all around the world, and I wish that wasn’t the case, but evil does exist unfortunately, but I really hope that’s not your life (either side).

Ok, that got dark quick.

Writing is something I almost always love to do. I’m writing constantly. Tons of notes added to my phone every single day. Lots of journals and notebooks laying around. Way more typewriters than the average person. Multiple blogs. Goals to write several books one day. I’m always writing emails, and long social media posts/captions. Writing invoices and work notes. I started a podcast many years ago (and I’m about to get back to it), and there’s plenty of writing with that. And YouTube videos too, they have scripts sometimes, and I’m ready to start creating videos. And let’s not forget how many texts we send.

What I’m getting at is, writing is a big part of my life. It’s probably a big part of most people’s lives, much bigger than they think. And I think it’s a skill we should all practice. Along with spelling and grammar of course.

In the content creation space (I’m not a huge fan of the title: content creator, it just seems like you’re just pumping out stuff constantly with no meaning or value, just make more of it and repeat), we are told that consistency is key. True. Also true in all areas of life. When you are starting out, one post a week is basically the default when sharing just about any type of art on the internet. Especially for blogs, podcasts, and videos.

For me, I’m focusing on this once a week schedule. Even though it’s already 15 days into 2024, and I haven’t technically posted a blogpost on this site until now. I have written words on several pages on here, but not an actual “post.” But who cares, these are my rules, and if I need to bend them at times, so be it.

And I want to try and do the same for podcasting and video-making. I started my podcast (it’s called Risk Without Regret, but I might just rename it to my name, but maybe I’ll keep the RWR name, who knows) back in the summer of 2015. I was pretty consistent in the beginning, like we all are with everything in the beginning, but I started to trail off as time went on. I have all the gear, and the perfect space to record, and all the skills I need… yet I put it on the back burner in early 2018 and just never really brought it back out. I posted a few episodes in early 2019, but they were actually recorded in 2018 or maybe even 2017. And the last one I posted was in mid-2020, but it was actually just the audio that I stripped from a quick and simple iPhone video that I posted to YouTube (which I was super proud of myself for posting a video of myself on camera publicly on YouTube and even sharing it on social media afterwards, a big step for me).

For YouTube, I posted my first video on June 1, 2010, and it was a random video of my old bodydropped minitruck in the driveway after wiring up the V8 swap. Wow, 13.5 years ago. And there are only 15 other videos listed on my channel, and those are completely random and none of them are really of any quality or purpose. Which is funny for someone that has a lot of photography experience, tech skills, and all the photo/video gear anyone would need to be a YouTuber. And I signed up for my YouTube account on June 15, 2006, which was about 6 months after YouTube officially launched. So it took me 4 years to post my first video. And then I only posted about 1 video per year since then. This is sad to me. However, I do have 153 subscribers and 156,192 total views. Pretty good for someone that never posts, has no specific niche or audience, and basically consumes 1,000X more than he creates. But that’s about to change. Well, I won’t stop watching and listening and reading, because I am genuinely a fan of these mediums and I love so many writers, speakers, filmmakers, creators, and artists of all kinds out there. And I’m ready to join their space, finally, for real this time.

For 2024, my goal is to get to December 31, 2024 and have 52 new published blog posts posted on this website, 52 new published podcast episodes, and 52 new YouTube videos. In the creator industry, those are my simple goals. Simple to do, not as easy to achieve, at the age of 41 with all sorts of things going on and responsibilities and bills and just life in general. But none of that will be an excuse or a reason to give up or procrastinate any longer. So many other people have less than me and do more than me. I’m grateful and I don’t want to let this period of my life go to waste.

Just one post per week. That’s it. Create things based on what I know and what I’m interested in. Create freely and edit minimally. Care about the people on the other side of the art, but don’t care so much about their opinions. So, that was my goal for today, to hit publish on this WordPress website. And now I’ve passed the 1,000 word mark, and I’m ready to take a break. Even though it’s almost 11pm and I should go to bed, because I have work in the morning. Oh ya… we’ll get to that in a future post. Thanks for reading!