Just One Post Per Week

When it comes to blogging, a common pace to publishing publicly is once per week. It’s not a rule, it’s not mandatory. Mainly because you don’t need to write at all. Nobody needs to create any form of art. Actually, nobody needs to do anything… except breathe oxygen, eat food, drink water, and move your … Read more

The Blog Is Back

I’m not sure where to start or what to say, but I’m back to publishing publicly. I write privately basically every single day. Whether it’s with pen and paper, in my Notes app on my iPhone, using one of my 50+ year old typewriters, or just having long text/email/social media conversations with friends/family/clients. Regardless of … Read more

Quarantine Life

I guess it’s been about a month since the quarantine started. But I don’t think that term really makes sense. Quarantine. It sounds like you are thrown into the hole in prison. No contact with anyone, no sunlight, nothing to keep you busy… nothing but silence. In reality, this period of isolation seems like a … Read more