Not Perfect, Just Finished

“It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just get it out there.”

This is a quote that I have written on a post-it note.

I have this post-it note stuck to my computer monitor. The same monitor I’m staring at almost every single day, like I am right now.

It’s a constant reminder to take action and stop trying to make everything perfect.

I feel like perfection is this magical land that doesn’t exist in the real world, but that doesn’t stop the majority of the world from trying to live there.

When perfection is the end result, it likely causes people to never start something, for fear of it not being the best thing in the world.

But it’s ok to have flaws. You’ll learn from that. And you’ll get better on the next one.

The thing is, you can’t improve upon something that you haven’t started yet.

Just get it out there. Finish version 1. Today. Just finish it already.

Once it’s out there, you’ll get feedback from fans and critics. This is what you need. Until then, you’ll just keep sabotaging yourself in your own head. You are your own worst enemy.

After you’ve realized what you can do better, now it’s time to work on version 2. Keep repeating this process until making changes or updates no longer increases value.

If we tell ourselves that everything needs to be perfect, we will never start.

“Once I figure out all of these things, then I’ll get to work.” Start now, and figure things out along the way.

“I need to read these five books before I start.” Start now, you can spend 30-60 minutes each morning reading, then spend 3-6 hours putting in work.

“I don’t have the skills to do this.” Start now, and build your skills along the way.

You see, we tell ourselves these lies on a daily basis. If we would stop making excuses, we’d have more work and experiences to show for.

And if you release something, and it’s not perfect in your eyes, I bet you’ll be surprised that the flaws you see aren’t even noticeable to most people at all, if any.

But you’ll never know, until you just get it out there.

So go create something. Today. Right now.

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