Smoking Is Disgusting

I’m not explaining anything new here, I just can’t get over people smoking. There really is no excuse.

Sure, we all know it’s addicting. And I’m sure it’s extremely hard to quit, but it’s 2012. There are tons of products out there to help you, if you really care to stop.

The other most common excuse is, “Well, I only smoke when I drink.” And we all know you only hear that from people who drink frequently. So when you tell me you only smoke when you drink, all I hear is, “Hey, I’m a smoker!”

And I’m not saying I’ve never smoked cigarettes. I have. I used to steal them from my dad in middle school. I seen some of the “cool kids” smoke, so I figured why not. This didn’t last long, I quickly became burnt out on it.

Then there would be a handful of occasions when I’d be borderline blackout drunk and smoke for no reason. I’ve never said I smoke when I drink, but that’s when it’s happened. My sober mind knows how disgusting it tastes. My drunk mind thinks YOLO.

Just to beat this dead horse some more, here are some reasons why smoking is disgusting:

  • Unhealthy for way too many reasons.
  • The smell is horrible and never comes out of anything you own.
  • Your non-smoking family and friends do not want to stay the night at your house if you smoke inside.
  • It seems to age a smoker a lot faster.
  • The cost of a pack of cigarettes is ridiculous. If you’re smoking a pack a day, that’s your cell phone bill.
  • You’ll likely make non-smokers gag when you smoke around them. You should think of it as politely giving your friends lung cancer.
  • No mature adult thinks you look cool. You’re not impressing anyone that matters.
  • You’ll get to pay more for health insurance. But I’m not even sure why you have insurance anyways. You pay for car insurance for accidents. Smoking is not an accident. You’re purposely killing yourself.

I know you knew everything in this post already. I just like to make people feel bad when they are doing idiotic things over and over. So the next time you buy a pack of smokes, just know you are an idiot and everyone knows it.

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