Everyone Hates Instagram

Have you heard of Backspaces yet? It’s an app similar to Instagram. I’m not sure when it launched but I can guarantee they are seeing a massive amount of new users because of the whole Instagram privacy policy updates yesterday. And if you weren’t aware of the Instagram news yesterday, people were all pissed off because they said they might sell your photos to businesses or whatever.

So you take a shitty pic of your dumb friend standing in line at Best Buy on Black Friday, you upload it on Instagram (a free app to share with millions), add a badass filter, type up the funniest caption ever, think of 30 random hashtags, then hit the Done button. Then Best Buy wants to buy that image to use in their marketing. Instagram sells it to them. You find out and instantly want to murder someone because you are the “photographer” and deserve to get rich off of your creativity or whatever.

Are you a photographer?

If you were a photographer, you’d be a photographer. But I’m sure you’re just another cubicle rat trying to get rich quick by doing the least amount of work. What if I told you Joe Blow down the street seen one of your pics, looked at his bare wall, printed out your pic, and hung it on his wall? Would you want to sue him? Probably.

Here’s a quick tip, why don’t you just make your account private? Oh, I already know that answer. You need an insane amount of attention. You need to post a photo of yourself every day so people can tell you how hot you are, or how cool your life is, or whatever strokes your ego. You need everyone in the world to see you. This app gives people a 24/7 behind the scenes look into your life. This is like your reality show, and you love the spotlight. Seriously, stop being so full of yourself.

I think people should be more focused on doing epic shit. Plain and simple.

Free time? What’s that?

Could you imagine how crazy people would get if Instagram just went away one day unexpectedly? People wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. They would lose it! Facebook would still be there, but then they’d be depressed they couldn’t easily add filters to their photographic masterpieces.

See what I mean? Instagram has always been free, but people take it for granted. They could have easily charged $20, $9.99, or even $1 for membership, but they kept it free. They even made it ad-free. Why? Because these people love what they do and they know they are adding value to people’s lives. I’m sure they knew back in the day that it might really catch on and there would be a way to monetize it. But they weren’t trying to get rich quick or take the lazy route.

Most people are average.

The average American wakes up early, goes to a horrible job, is depressed all day about said job, is out of control excited when 5:00 hits, races home to sit on the couch, then proceeds to eat a ton of bad food while watching 8 hours of pointless sitcoms. They will repeat this for the next four days, then they find ways to spend more than they make the other two days of the week. All while checking Instagram every 15 minutes. But if Instagram was gone, you’d find another meaningless app to fill that void.

Could you imagine all the cool shit people would be doing if they took the hour (I rounded this way down) they spend everyday on Instagram and put that towards something they love? Hell, even 20 minutes a day. I’m not opposed to Instagram at all, but when I’m not on it, I’m busting my ass doing what I love. I just think the world would be a happier place if they weren’t spending all their time doing things they hate or finding ways to escape all their problems. Fix your problems, do what you love, be happy.

Be appreciative.

At the end of the day, no matter how much you hate their terms and conditions or privacy policy, they are still providing you with a free service that allows you to express yourself, share photos with loved ones, or keep up with distant friends. They built this app on their dime for you. Why can’t people appreciate anything?

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