Randy Johnson. Still Not the Baseball Player.

I’ve been in this world for over 30 years, and people still relate me to the baseball player Randy Johnson.

“Wait, that’s your real name?!?!?”
“So, I bet your arm is sore from pitching all those years.”
“Ya, I’m actually not the baseball player.”

It’s not a big deal, just annoying when I’m in a conversation with a hardcore sports fanatic. It’s usually an ice-breaker.

“What’s your name, even though I’m bad with names?”
“Well, are you a sports fan?”
“YES! I love baseball and football.”
“Remember Randy Johnson?”
“The pitcher? Hell ya I do! The Big Unit!”
“Well, that’s my name too.”
“NO WAY!!!”

A Few Short, Kind of Funny, Stories

1. Baseball Cards. Most of my friends know that I don’t care much about sports. But most of them don’t know that I used to be crazy about sports. I used to be a big sports card collector, saving up money just so I could ride my bike to the local card shop and buy a new pack of cards. You know, hoping I’d open up a pack in front of the store owner and see the rarest card ever made. In fact, to this day, I bet I have one of the largest Randy Johnson baseball card collections around. I literally have thousands of his cards, many are in hard-plastic cases and graded, and some are autographed. I really have no use for them and they just sit in a box, so I’ll probably wait a couple more years when he gets in the hall of fame and then try and sell them. Should sell for a decent price then.

2. Internet Marketing. One of my skills/services is search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, that fancy terminology means I help my clients rank higher in Google. It’s definitely a time-consuming process. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch and you’re sitting at the top of the first page. It’s a constant effort. Anyways, the more unique your keyword is, the easier it is to rank higher since there is less competition. Take my roommate for example. I setup a site for him and we used his FirstNameLastName.com for the domain name. He has a very unique last name, so it almost doesn’t matter what his first name is, but it’s also not as common. So within a week, he was already ranking number one in Google with pretty much no additional work. So with my name, I’m going to have a tougher time for a couple reasons. One, my last name is very common, and my first name is sort of common. But the biggest reason is, there is a famous person that shares my name. So it’s going to take a ton of work to overcome all of the content on the internet about him. But that’s my goal with this site!

3. Photography. I was doing some research not too long ago regarding the keyword “Randy Johnson” and seeing what sites were showing up after doing a simple search. One stood out for some reason: RJ51Photos.com. I browsed the site for a bit and checked out the Twitter account associated with it. It wasn’t too long after that, I realized after he retired from baseball, he has been focused on photography. Kind of funny since I do some photo and video work. Checking out his about page, I seen he was always into photography and now he had more time for it. I followed him on Twitter and sent him a quick tweet. The next day, I had a new follower… and it was him. I was kind of shocked because he has a ton of followers but only follows like 20-30 people, and I was one of them. Ultimately, he didn’t respond to either of my tweets and eventually unfollowed me, but either way, it was like my 15 minutes of fame. Haha.

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